Desiccant Masterbatch

What is it?

Desiccant masterbatch is an advanced functional masterbatch developed to solve the moisture problem. A desiccant is a substance designed to eliminate humidity and
enhance extrusion and injection processes. A desiccant masterbatch gives a complete solution to the processor so as to reduce or remove undesired moisture.
Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers, and pigments.
This masterbatch is used in eliminating moisture in virgin and recycled LD, LLDPE, HM, PP etc.
Desiccant masterbatch is suitable for blown film extrusion, injection molding, and blow molding process. It is used directly by mixing the masterbatch and the damp plastic material uniformly.
Moisture Absorber Masterbatches are provided in granular or pellet form with a high concentration of active agents and excellent dispersion into the end product. Benefits of using this product include
avoiding problems during the process such as : fisheyes, holes, and grooves.



Desiccant Masterbatches help to reduce:

  • Moisture-derived technical problems: fish eye, holes, streaks, surface defects, etc.
  • Metal corrosion problems in the extruder..
  • Silver streak in molding.
  • Increases filler addition level.

It is widely used in PE as well as PP recycling materials, as well as in the wetting plastics for the blowing process and for injection. A wide range of applications for PE as well as PP recycling materials as well as the wetting plastic that has the highest demands for blowing, injection and sheeting.

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