PPA (Polymer Processing Aid)

What is it?

Polymer Processing Aid is designed to enhance extrusion ability of plastics which leads to improve productivity and quality. Using Polymer Processing Aid offers plastic producers many benefits such as: increasing output, reducing production costs, operating pressures and improving surface smoothness. In addition, Polymer Processing Aid helps to eliminate melt fracture, give faster color change and reduce gel formation during extrusion.



  • Reduces or eliminates die build-up
  • Reduced interfacial instability in multilayer films
  • Reduced gel formation
  • Ideal for use in high viscosity, high molecular weight polyolefins
  • Excellent thermal stability for high-temp processing
  • Lowers apparent melt viscosity

Blowing film: it helps eliminate melt fracture on the surface to make the surface smooth and beautiful.

Fiber extrusion, spinning for making mesh, weaving: it helps eliminate the falling phenomenon at the extruder, save production time, save cleaning costs.

Plastic pipe extrusion: it helps eliminate roughness caused by die-swell phenomenon, smoothing surface, reducing friction, and extruding capacity.

Extrude power cables, eliminate surface roughness and Die BuildUp, increase speed and input capacity for production lines.

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