White Masterbatch

What is it?

White Masterbatch is a type of color masterbatch, which is made of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), plastic resin and other additives. It is used to improve the opacity, whiteness and glossiness of plastic end-products and specifically suitable for the blown film, extrusion blow, injection molding, and other products. Depending on end-products’ requirements, US MASTERBATCH White Colorant contains from 10% up to 75% TiO2 pigment.


TDS_UF 002
TDS_UF 100
TDS_UF 102
TDS_UF 103
TDS_UF 105
TDS_UF 106
TDS_UF 107
TDS_UF 109


  • Create white color and enhance opacity for end-products.
  • Prevent UV light.
  • Properties improvement.
  • Improve heat resistance.
  • Good weather durability
  • Various color choices based on customers’ requirements

White Colorant is widely used in various applications thanks to its outstanding advantages:

  • Blown film Packaging films (Roll bags, T-shirt bags, garbage bags, shopping bags, agricultural films, breathable films…
  • Injection moulding Housewares, tanks, toys…
  • – Blow moulding Bottles, containers, cans…

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