PE CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch

What is it?

PE CaCO3 Filler masterbatch contains mainly CaCO3 Calcium Carbonate powder, resin PE and some additives. CaCO3 made natural mineral calcite with high pure over 99 %, high whiteness > 96 %, treatment surface by additive and use perfect technology. This product used to replace one of part virgin resin, from that help save cost for the end product and improved some properties such as: whiteness, hardness, strength.


TDS_UF 002
TDS_UF 100
TDS_UF 102
TDS_UF 103
TDS_UF 105
TDS_UF 106
TDS_UF 107


  • Save production cost.
  • Improve several properties of end-products: brightness, opacity, shrinkage reduction…
  • Save energy thanks to CaCO3’s great thermal transmission ability.
  • Power consumption reduction.
  • Increase of the anti-blocking effect.
  • Raw material costs reduction 5%-35%.

PE Filler Calcium Carbonate is compatible with plastic resins PE. Thanks to its advantages, this material is widely used in many applications as belows:

  • PE blow molding, PE blow films including PE bags, garbages bags, T-shirt bags, PE roll bags, shopping bags….
  • PE breathable film, PE agriculture film, PE biogradable bags,…
  • PE Injection moulding Housewares, tanks, toys…
  • HDPE Extrusion pipe, bar…

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