Additives Masterbatch

Additives masterbatch of US MASTERBATCH

Additive masterbatch is a specialized additive in order to modify various properties of the base plastic. The use of plastic additives has really revolutionized the plastic industry. In US MASTERBATCH, we offer 6 selections of additive masterbatch: anti-UV additive, anti-blocking additive, anti-static additive, clarifying additive, optical brightener additive, and processing aid additive.

Our Additive products are used in the plastics industry with small proportions to optimize the production process and properties of plastic products. All of them apply the newest, the most modern technology according to United State standard first time represent in Vietnam… Not only that, we also create additives suitable for your own requirements such as anti-fog, anti-flame retardants, antioxidants, fillers, foaming agents, optical brighteners, purge agents, process aids, scents, slips, release agents, UV absorbers, and inhibitors.

Medical norm

US MASTERBATCH is one of the leading suppliers in developing and manufacturing additive masterbatch. Our team is constantly learning, and improving knowledge and skills to better understand the challenges that you are having in your manufacturing. As a result, we can create appropriate solutions to optimize your products. Contact our sales team for detailed advice and quotation.

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