Black Masterbatch

What is it?

Black Masterbatch is the combination of high-quality carbon black pigment, virgin polyethylene, and specific additives to create black coloration for plastic products. Not only does it offer end-products a beautiful colored surface, Black colorant also improves a large number of plastic characteristics. At US MASTERBATCH, we offer a vast array of Black Colorants to fulfill all customers’ particular requirements.


TDS_UF 002
TDS_UF 100
TDS_UF 102
TDS_UF 103
TDS_UF 105
TDS_UF 106


  • Create black color for end-products.
  • Great dispersion.
  • High color fastness and thermal resistance.
  • Improve end-products’ properties, such as UV resistance.
  • Various level color choices.

Black colorant is widely used in various applications thanks to its outstanding advantages:

  • Injection moulding Mechanical equipment…
  • Extrusion Water pipe, cable sheathing articles, dripping irrigation pipes…
  • Blown films Silage wrap films, garbage bags…
  • Coating Automotive, black mass stone coating…

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