US MASTERBATCH JOINT STOCK COPANY Shines Bright at PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023: A Glimpse into Innovation and Sustainability

US MASTERBATCH JOINT STOCK COPANY Shines Bright at PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023: A Glimpse into Innovation and Sustainability

In a bustling exhibition hall, amidst a symphony of whirring machines and animated discussions, US MASTERBATCH JSC stood out at PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023. This esteemed event, held at SMX Convention Center Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Philippines from  05TH Oct to 07th Oct, brought together the finest in the packaging, printing, and plastics industries, and Us Masterbatch Company made a lasting impression with its innovative offerings and commitment to sustainability.

Showcasing Innovation and Expertise

Us Masterbatch Company, a leading player in the Filler masterbatch, Color masterbatch and Plastic Engineering compound industry, showcased its cutting-edge technologies and solutions that have been making waves globally. The booth was a hub of activity, attracting industry professionals, potential clients, and curious minds eager to witness the future raw materials of packaging, printing, and plastics.


As sustainability takes center stage globally, US MASTERBATCH Company unveiled its eco-friendly plastics product Filler Masterbatch Caco3.  This product is used to replace one of part virgin resin, which helps save cost for the end product and improves some properties such as whiteness, hardness, and strength, demonstrating a clear focus on environmental responsibility. These materials boast biodegradability, recyclability, and reduced environmental impact while maintaining the required strength and functionality of plastic products.

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The company exhibited its state-of-the-art technologies to produce Color masterbatch in our factory. Our products are excellent light-fastness – heat resistance, along with high opacity, high tinting strength, economy, and good dispersibility. during production increases its light- and weather fastness to acceptable levels for many applications

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PVC compound, a blend of PVC resin and various additives, is used in a wide range of applications due to its versatility and durability. Some of the most common uses of PVC compounds include: Wires and cables, Pipes and Fittings,…

Collaborative Engagements and Networking

Us Masterbatch  Company leveraged PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023 as a platform to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations. The event facilitated interactions with industry leaders, potential business partners, and professionals, providing opportunities to exchange ideas and explore potential synergies.

  1. Knowledge Sharing:

The company actively engaged in knowledge-sharing sessions, where experts from Us Masterbatch Company imparted insights and expertise. These sessions proved to be an invaluable resource for attendees, enriching their understanding of the industry’s latest trends and technological advancements.

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  1. Networking Opportunities:

Us Masterbatch Company representatives actively networked with fellow industry peers, gaining a deeper understanding of market needs and emerging opportunities. These interactions set the stage for potential collaborations that could shape the industry’s future.

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Future Endeavors

After a successful showcase at PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023, Us Masterbatch Company is enthusiastic about the prospects that lie ahead. The company remains committed to furthering its innovation, sustainability, and collaboration efforts, aiming to drive the industry towards a greener and more technologically advanced future.

In conclusion, Us Masterbatch Company’s vibrant presence and active participation at PackPrint Plas Philippines 2023 were a testament to their dedication to innovation and sustainability. With a forward-thinking approach and a passion for excellence, Us Masterbatch Company is poised to continue making significant strides in the Philippines market.

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