Transparent Filler Masterbatch

What is it? Transparent filler is a combination of Na2SO4 (or BaSO4) in PP/PE resin, with other specific additives. TDS TDS_UT80 Benefits Save production cost. High transparency, dispersion, and light resistance. Increase the physical durability and glossiness. Good for colored plastic products. Save energy thanks to CaCO3’s great thermal transmission ability. Application Transparent Masterbatch is…

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Desiccant Masterbatch

What is it? Desiccant masterbatch is an advanced functional masterbatch developed to solve the moisture problem. A desiccant is a substance designed to eliminate humidity and enhance extrusion and injection processes. A desiccant masterbatch gives a complete solution to the processor so as to reduce or remove undesired moisture. Moisture can be present in raw…

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