CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch

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This product contains: Calcium carbonate powder, resin and some additives. It’s suitable for Blowing film, yarn, raffia and injection molding. The purpose use, this grade to reduce cost for the end product and improved some properties such as: whiteness, hardness, strength

Technical Analysis

 Physical Property 

Items Method of experiment Unit Standard
CaCO3 content ASTM D 5630 wt % 70- 85
MFR (190oC/2.16kgs) ASTM D 1238 g/10 mins 0.1- 50
Melt Temperature DSC oC 110-155
Bulk density ASTM D1895 g/cm3 0.95- 1.9
Particle size Mervenl micromet 1-4
Water Content ASTM D 644 wt % 0.08



Appearance (Surface color)           : white

Additives                                         : Dispersion agent, processing aid

Processing temperature                 : 140 – 280oC

Usage rate                                      : 5 -40 %

Pellet Size                                      : 3×3 (±0.3) mm

Carrier resin                                   : PP or PE

Compatibility                                   : PP, PE

Packing                                          : 25 kgs per PP bag

Storage                                           : Keep at dry condition


1. Blow films:


2.  Injection Moulding: Housewares/Tanks/Toys

3. Extrusion: Pipe of Water; Pipe of Gas, ETC…


4. Yarn: PP Woven Sack; HDPE Woven Sack; Cement Bags; Tarpaulin (HDPE & PP)…